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Hand-Lettering Class top 4 Student projects

I had the very cool experience of teaching a hand-lettering class this past semester at University of the Arts.  It was a brand new class, and I think it's timed very well since hand-lettering has become such an important part of illustration in the past few years.

Here are my top 4 favorites from the final assignment: an infographic with a self-generated concept.  

10 Hottest Generals of the American Revolution

Hannah Gregory: Sophomore


Hannah made this hilarious and beautifully illustrated infographic with limited color and her sophisticated take on revolutionary lettering.  It was cool to see how she kept it historic, but the overall feeling is very modern.

You are what you Art

Molly Egan: Junior


A fun take on "you are what you eat,"  but for art student archetypes.  Molly  made this infographic with her adorable illustration style and a complementary lettering style that supports but doesn't overwhelm the piece.  I LOVE her color choices. 

South Philly Uniform: Southeast Philly

Rebecca Kirby: Junior


Rebecca's clever observations of neighborhood types starts with this Southeast Philly girl.  Her gorgeous line quality is echoed in the lettering style she chose.   How clever is that little "South Phila Uniform" tag?  I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

5 Types of Horror Movie Antagonists

Kelly Migliori: Sophomore


From the Slasher to the Possession Victim, Kelly pulled these characters off to a t! I love that she chose individual subheading styles to reinforce the vibe of each figure. The blood splatters were each drawn specifically for her copy.