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Afford your Life: Cable and Internet

I'm trying to find ways to outsmart utility companies.  I've gone to great lengths to cut our bills down because recurring monthly costs really add up over time. More on this later, but in this post, I want to tackle Cable/Internet bills.

We've long been limited to Comcast in Philly at $90 per month for cable and internet, but recently switched to Verizon FIOS, dropped cable in favor of a digital antenna (our house, luckily, gets great basic cable reception with this guy, but this option doesn't work for everyone) and our bill dropped to $55.  Total annual savings: $420!

Here in Florida, we were similarly stuck with Brighthouse for the last few months at $66, but now WOW! internet does the job for $40 after taxes and fees, and we're using our own Modem.  As you can imagine, I really get off on saving $20 per month, since that's $240 per year.  This rate only lasts for 12 months, but guess what? I have a secret hobby: I mark the date that service cost goes up and then call up customer service and politely but persistently request another reduced rate.  You gotta do this too :)