Eleanor: Design and Illustration
Modern design and illustration by Eleanor Grosch


Cloth Diapers

We started out as new completely clueless parents, as everyone does, and blindly guessed at what we might need for taking care of Hazel's little bottom.  We wanted to try cloth, but were open to disposables if we couldn't manage washing all those diapers.  At first things were overwhelming in every way, but we fumbled our way through.  

The first diapers we tried were from Alva Baby. I had read all kinds of reviews, and I figured that we might as well start out with the cheapest and work our way up, but we had CONSTANT leaks.

Then I talked to a bunch of friends who all had new babies as well.  I heard about Flip diapers from one momma.  She raved about them, and they look super cute, so I tried some from Flip's seconds sale.  The inserts have a "stay dry" side that you face up and all the wetness goes through and stays on the other side. I couldn't hope for better results. When we're home, I use one insert, but when we're going out or for overnight, I use two. We have NO LEAKS at all!  Success :)