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Simplifying with a Baby

I'm fighting to avoid clutter in our house.  More than ever it's important to simplify since Hazel grabs anything within her reach.  The less there is in the house the less she can break or get hurt by!  Those little hands like to grab :) 

The arrival of a baby is difficult if you're trying to cut down on stuff. I had to accept that I needed a lot of things I didn't want to need. We're now getting to the stage of toy accumulation. Here are some things that are helping me cope (yes, I'm a control freak):

Limit Active Toys

Little ones and big ones alike usually can't keep track of all the things they have.  Take about half the toys your child has and hide them for a later date.  They'll be fun and new again.  I kind of wish someone would do this with my clothes!

Get a Cute Toy Bin 

Toys taking up permanent residence in your lovely living room won't be a problem if you have a cute toy bin.  We have several of these things around the house so we can pop toys in them after play time.  Even better if we can make it part of a game to put all the things away - this definitely doesn't happen as much as I'd like though.

Get a Shopping Toy

When we're out at a shop I grab something un-breakable and un-ruinable that grabs Hazel's eye (for example, a bright plastic cup or a handbag) and she plays with it to her heart's content while we're shopping together.  Then, when it's time to leave, we put the item back.  She gets entertainment and I don't have to buy the darn thing. Everybody wins!