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Airbnb: Question and Answer

We've been hosting through Airbnb for nearly a year now, and we've learned a lot! Here are some questions I got in the Q&A session I put out there last week:

Question: What's the weirdest thing you supply for your guests?

Answer: Black washcloths. They're for makeup removal! I never thought of it before we got lots of mascara and foundation stains on our white washcloths.

Question: How do you deal with damage to your house?

Answer: Airbnb has a resolution center for resolving problems. We've had a few of these to deal with, and usually guests will pay up no problem for things they've broken. We one horrible experience with a group who stayed at our house and left a huge mess and several broken items. I told Airbnb I wanted to charge the guests for the 4 hours of house cleaning and the things they broke. Airbnb only approved the broken item replacement cost. They don't pay for cleaning service reimbursement. Good to know!

Question: What's the most unexpected cost you've had?

Answer: I was really surprised by our water bill some months! I take short showers even when I'm at a hotel, but it seems people staying at our house like long showers. Couple that with up to 8 people staying and you can imagine how much wasted water runs down the drain.

Question: Do you have to provide breakfast for guests?

Answer: No. There's an option to offer breakfast or not and if you do, it's considered a perk. People can search by listings that provide breakfast. We don't do it, but we have coffee/tea and condiments in the fridge.

Question: How do you handle check-in?

Answer: We have a lockbox on our front door (with a backup lockbox inside the security door) and I provide my phone number in case of issues,  but over a whole year there've been very few problems with check-in. The worse that happened is a guest called me because the lockbox door was sticking a bit, but after a moment he got it open.

Question: What is your most received complaint?

Answer: Not enough wine glasses! Since we can host up to 8 people, we usually get large groups staying at our house. Alcohol is usually involved and I hadn't thought to buy more than a couple of wine glasses. 

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