Eleanor: Design and Illustration
Modern design and illustration by Eleanor Grosch


Framing Options

Custom Framing

A beautiful custom frame job elevates artwork and provides protection for the piece. While it is the most expensive option, it might be the best choice if you're framing an original or a hand made print, especially if it's worth a lot of money!

Frame with Pre-cut Mat

A pre-cut mat with standard frame is a great option for most prints. Our prints are 12 by 18" but are optimized to frame the action of the picture within a 11.25 by 15.25" mat. You can find a great frame and mat ensemble of this size at places like IKEA, or for a full 12 by 18" mat that fits within a standard frame look at Michael's.  

The image to the right shows how this would work. the print sits behind the mat. The red line shows what part of the image will show through.

Frame without Mat

Not recommended. A 12 by 18" print inside a 12 by 18" frame without any mat looks squashed. Breathing room makes your print look its best.